faSHioN is JoAo
faSHioN  is  JoAo

Each moment is precious Dress for Yourself

all my life is about my work.the pleasure and fulfilment it brigs me ,is impossible to describe .a feeling of bliss and joy-the connection with the source of all creation...when we love what WE do and we do what we love ...then all is a gift
Long Imperial SILK ceremonial Coat for extraordinary PEOPLE - ART BY JOAO

vintage exquisite super fine quality leather ,SPECIAL appointment for private Collector - IBIZA vip .THIS peace of WEARABLE art is a coat for LIFE designed-manofactuerd & HAND crafted , made to measure to fit the expectations of it biggest admirer

Welcome & bienvenus,                                                                                      Ladies and Gentlemen...We are glade  to have You a board of Joao´s super sonic Trance Galactic Jet.                                                                                          The weather is pleasantly chiled on Planet Fashion, the  flight´s duration is a life time experience that has colossal outcome in all your immediate Now.

Your life is about to get to the point there is no going back,the point of no return.

Once We get You to your final destination all will Be irreversibly changed for ever.                                                                                                                  If You wish to cancel this trip,now is the right time to do it!

If You are still with Us,it means that You have put ten Your trust in our hands and We will not fail You. 

Please fasten your seat belts,smoking is allowed everywhere.

Ladies & Gentlemen We have the pleasure to host You to the Beyond.

A World of unique exquisite Beauty,where style & taste are the essence of all 

Creation,a World where You are the Leading Character.


Google+ UNIQUEexquisiteLUXURY   fashion.The website for extraordinary People,because YOU deserve the BEST

Each moment is precious,Dress for Yourself
Long Night Coat in red crued silk & velvet lining georget sleave with peacock Asian motives

We invite You to visit the "TheDetail",just click the button and ejoy the flyth

TheDetail , a webpage dedicated to the detail & finishing of the Clothes

Until the 1950s, fashion clothing was predominately designed and manufactured on a made-to-measure or haute couture basis , with each garment being created for a specific client. A couture garment is made to order for an individual customer, and is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric, sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Look and fit take priority over the cost of materials and the time it takes to make.Due to the high cost of each garment, haute couture makes little direct profit for the fashion houses, but is important for prestige and publicity.


Art Direction & Digital Art Photography

UNIQUEexquisiteLUXURY-Footwear fashion,because YOU deserve the BEST

Unique exclusive shoes & Boot´s, all hand made to measure ,for each individual specifically taking special attention on the use of the client´s order and needs ,not forgetting the most important thing which is Contort .

As We all well know the boot´s for the Clothes  are like the hair for the face, it is the frame that complements & seals the beauty of it . 

The feet are the ending ,the boot´s We chose are going to determine the outcome of Your Elegance & Style, the final Look.

We can be dressed in a rags ,but if You chose the right shoe ,the perfect one, it will give You that exquisite sensation of being well dressed.

Class, elegance and personal style is something that usually One is born with,                               but if not ,One can always learn .

It is wise to have in mind that the golden mean is : LESS is MORE 

Sophistication is achieved only by the right choice of exquisite LUXURY accessory´s.

If You have to use a what for example ,then it has to be a master piece of design & taste. If it isn´t , it will destroy everything else You can come up with.

The most important of all is the face ,the softness & clearness of the skin , the Colour ,the cemetery of the bone structure & a perfect hair style ,WO everyone is in love with a person like that ,PEOPLE Trust more ,it makes them feel familiar . The face is where everyone look´s first ,so as they say : " What You See is what You get "

Dragon high hill´s-unique luxury leather fashion by Joao

The feet is were Everyone looks in second place ,the shoes can say much about a person. They have to be impeccable So remember to chose wisely ,if We don´t have much cash better to chose  something simple and dark , the dark coloured leather has always a better quality and look.

We give the same advise to when You bay ,it is better to get one good design pair then to get two cheap one´s

Unique exquisite luxury leather fashion by Joao

This pair of gold high hill´s are defiantly not to be worn in the morning hour´s of the day ,it would be to much .All these matters are rolled by the same golden mean ,good taste an objective point of view and most important of all common sense . Taste is something One is born with ,it is not something One learns or bay´s .It´s a natural feeling ,We look at things and We just know they make the perfect mach .Someone with taste dose not need much clothes to look divine .That´s why it is obvious to Us that there is no point in buying for the sake of buying ,when We decide to get a coat or a dress ,may be a vest,

what ever it is ,think about it as coat Your buying for life ,a piece  that You feel  is so you , something  beyond fashion ,something Your gone´a love forever Your personal a way a part of You.

Serpent Boot´s-made to measure, unique luxury leather fashion
The Serpent Boot´s-front
The Serpent Boot´s-back
Men´s unique hand made to measure luxury Boot´s-by Joao
Luxury leather footwear-by Joao
Samurai Warrior Boot´s in leather,far,rubber & metal
Made to Measure Unique Luxury Footwear, nr. - 41 / 42
Space Boot´s - Unique Luxury Footwear Art , Leather,Far,Cork,Rubber & metal
Sinker city walking Boot´s-leather with hand made carvings ,Boa skin,rubber & metal silver & gold adornments -Unique luxury Footwear ,Fashion is Joao
Sinker city walking Boot´s-leather with hand made carvings ,Boa skin,rubber & metal silver & gold adornments -Unique luxury Footwear ,Fashion is Joao
Sinker city walking Boot´s-leather with hand made carvings ,Boa skin,rubber & metal silver & gold adornments -Unique luxury Footwear ,Fashion is Joao

Fashion is Joao ,                  The Art of Design

Wellcome to Fashion is Joao, the website of unique luxury fashion.                      We have the immens pleasure to make You enjoy the fascinating Work´s of Art.                                                                                                                            It is well known to Mankind that Culture & Art inspire happiness in People ,it awaken´s all kind´s of emotions.                                                                  Come and get to know Us,if u so wish You can contact Us by the phone or by email,We will be delighted to be of any help.

UNIQUE exquisite LUXURY Garments

Fashion is JOAO,the Website of fashion made into art,the unique designs are part of an extensive art work that lasts from 1992 and encloses a variety of different sectors.The label JOAO is known in many places like London,Ibiza,Lisbon,Madrid,Barcelona,Goa and many  different corners of the World.

The character of His design is so unique that the people even not knowing each other can recognise His Creations, by only looking at them.
The way things are done,the final result,the taste and style of each Creation,lives us little space for confusion.                                                     The powerful signature is so obvious to everyone that dress´s a JOAO.
Super Kids , the new Awearness for the living Planet

The Crystal children ,the new born generation ,the shining hope for a beautiful World.

A World of truth and Openness ,where respect for others is of the biggest importance .

These young One´s are free of prejudice and religion, happily they are broth up and educated

in places like Ibiza or Goa and there they can overcome the school of judgement an critics.

They live embracing Nature with parents that have free life styles, out of the global system,

so they learn to be them Self´s & to love them Self´s. Most of them are direct and know no 

hypocrisy ,they don't try to Be polite ,they speak the truth and lose no time in pleasing someone they do not have a feeling with.

We have many parents that love to dress there children in JOAO´S creations, even the small One´s love there unique exquisite luxury clothes, indeed the clothes make them feel special ,so different from all the mass .It pleases Us to know that they are the hope for a new civilisation,one that is opened to fresh ideas and treasures individuality ,

One that fears no change and embraces the New.

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